Spareslab is a global marketplace for industrial spares, component parts and equipments.

How it works

We help our customers buy the best components parts

Using our platform, customers can find globally the most relevant component parts, the lowest prices, the best quality and the shortest availability times with convenience and trust.

We help our vendors sell globally and get paid on time

Using our platform, vendors can more efficiently reach their target customers internationally and benefit from Spareslab intermediation and services in countering trade risks.

Our mission

Our mission is to democratize procurement and deliver best experiences

Procurement across the board is highly inefficient process with many transactional challenges and market failures. Leveraging power of technology and process innovation, we are driven to help markets work better for everyone. Our focus is to improve coverage scalability, reduce information asymmetries, and introduce better process standardizations.

Our values

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Keep it simple

We strive to make everything as simple and as intuitive as possible for our users without compromising on functionality.

Complete Transaction

Be positive

We are always positive in our outlook and actions, constantly looking to make things better incrementally and substantially.

Complete Transaction

Create value

Anything we do must bring meaningful value for everyone involved and be of high standards we set and demand.

Our team


Raza Mustafa


Raza is responsible for strategy, product and growth. He has previous experience working in shipping spare supplies and started off his career in consulting. He had a degree in Economics from Warwick and an MBA from INSEAD.


Osvaldo Porto


Osvaldo Porto is responsible for operations and finance. He has 10 years of experience in corporate finance and procurement across different industries and regions. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from University of Sao Paulo and an MBA from INSEAD.


Guillaume Catella


Guillaume is responsible for technology. A seriel tech enterpreneur, he has been involved in launching multiple startups in the past including Bilingua and iDoo. He has multiple degrees in Engineering and an MBA from INSEAD.